WooCommerce Bulk Variations comes with a shortcode which you can use to insert bulk variation grids to any page or post. This is useful if you want more flexibility, instead of just replacing the default variation dropdowns on the single product page. For example, we created the below grid by adding the shortcode [bulk_variations include="22"] to a standard WordPress page:

Size / ColorXSSMLXL
Red T-shirtRed$15.00$17.50$20.00$22.50$25.00
Green T-shirtGreen$15.00$17.50$20.00$22.50$25.00
Blue T-shirtBlue$15.00$17.50$20.00$22.50$25.00
Orange T-shirtOrange$15.00$17.50$20.00$22.50$25.00
Yellow T-shirtYellow$15.00$17.50$20.00$22.50$25.00
Items: 0
Total: $0.00